Ligowave 24V PoE adapter

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24V PoE adapter

SKU: PoE-24-100MB

The adapter is used to power passive PoE of NFT 1Ni, DLBn products product from standard AC power source.

Electrical specifications

Input voltage 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage 24 VDC +/- 5%
Output power   12 W
Output PoE type Passive on 4,5(+) and 7,8(-) pins
Data rate   100 Mbps
Protection Short circuit, overcurrent


Physical specifications

Input jack IEC320 C6
Output jack RJ-45
Data jack RJ-45
Dimensions 84.8 x 44 x 29.5 mm
Weight 95 g
Operating temperature -10 to +50 C